Established in 1989, Select Timber entered the merchant supply market as a bespoke producer of timber profiles and components.

In 2003, the TTJ awards honoured Select Timber as “Small Timber Business of the Year”

At around the same time, Select Timber entered the MDF market with a new automated line for the production of primed architectural mouldings. This was a pivotal moment in the evolution of Select Timber’s service.

In 2011, the business was acquired by Rupert McCallum of Planed Wood Limited. The two businesses operated from one location near Spalding, Lincolnshire with an ambitious plan for growth.

In 2012, Andrew Morley joined the company as Managing Director with a plan to expedite growth and improve profit performance. Andrew is an experienced turnaround business manager and recognised the opportunities for improvement in all aspects of the business.

In 2016, Select Timber’s achievements in engineering, quality, accuracy, speed, IT and process systems were recognised by Northern Ireland based market leaders, SAM.

Sam McCrea, Group Chairman and CEO stated that if SAM did not buy Select Timber at that moment, the opportunity could be lost, and Select would start to become a very significant competitor.

Select Timber is now an important strategic brand within the SAM group portfolio, driving profit through continuous improvement and the provision of service tailored to the bespoke needs of astute merchant buyers.

As ever, Select Timber is dedicated to continually refining our products, range, service and systems to make Select Timber the most efficient producer of high quality MDF profiles and timber components.


We’re committed to staying up to date with the latest in the MDF industry to continually improve our service. Take a look to find out what we’ve been up to.

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Andy Evans

Andy Evans
Senior Operations Manager

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