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We produce casings and linings to  both Firecheck and Non - Firecheck specifications. Select Timber has been licensed to produce Firecheck frames under the Certifire scheme since 2007. We can advise on a wide range of interior door frame solutions, produce bespoke products and deliver to site as required. Furthermore we can prime, lacquer and paint finish as well.


A lining consists of three pieces of PAR timber to form the two legs and head of the frame. The rebate to receive the door is formed with a planted on stop lath. In most cases, we are required to supply door linings with stop laths, but not always.

Door Casings

A door casing performs the same function but the rebate to house the door blade is integral to the frame and there is no requirement for a planted stop lath.

Features & Critical Dimensions

The features and critical dimensions of a lining or casing for a single/double, FD30/FD60 door are illustrated as follows;

Frame Type
Raw Material
Finished width of frame: mm
Finished thickness of the frame: mm
Carpet tolerance measure from bottom of door blade to end of leg length: mm
Door blade height: mm
Door blade width(s): mm
Door blade thickness: mm
Delivery Options
Distributor yard name:
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  • Specialists in timber and MDF
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